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TOPIC: Start series discussion again?

"A., B., and C." worksheet 5 years 3 months ago #2026

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Here is my second draft of the worksheet for "A., B., and C."

The Prisoner in “A., B., and C.”
Please note—some questions may overlap a bit.
1. Number Two answers the phone. Who is it?
2. Number Two: “I know I’m not ___________.”
3. What’s the experiment? What is Number Two trying to prove?
4. How is this experiment different from the charade of “The Chimes of Big Ben”?
5. What’s the “single-minded” thing on Number Six’s mind?
6. Why three doses? Connect this to A., B., and C.
7. Does Number Six see Number Fourteen?
8. What’s the connection among Number Six, A., B., and C., and Madame Engadine?
9. Who’s A? Who does he work for? (What does “defected” mean?)
10. A: “Perhaps you’re fishing now. What’s your ___________?”
11. A: “If you haven’t got a ___________, you must have a ___________.”
12. Number Six: “Not always the ___________ ___________.”
13. Why must Number Six rest for 24 hours?
14. Number Six sees who buying flowers outside his door? And notices what on his wrist?
15. Number Fourteen: “We all make ___________. Sometimes we have to.”
16. Number Six shows off his ___________ on his wrist to Number Two.
17. Who’s Number Six’s “favorite doctor”?
18. I don’t think Number Six should drink anything that somebody else prepares for him in the Village, do you?
19. Who’s B?
20. B: “Being ___________ is an occupational hazard.”
21. B: “We all make ___________. Sometimes we have to.” (See #15—whoah!)
22. How does Number Two and Number Fourteen “change” the experiment?
23. Number Six follows ___________ and does what to the experiment?
24. He poured out the tea smartly but they dosed the ___________.
25. Number Six: “This is a ___________ party!”
26. Who is C?
27. What does Number Six win while playing roulette?
28. C: “Even I ___________ for someone.”
29. Who is D? (Didn’t see that coming, did you??)
30. What were in the papers?
31. Number Six: “I wasn’t ___________ ___________. That wasn’t the reason I ___________.”
32. What do you think happens on the final phone call?
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"Dance of the Dead" worksheet 5 years 3 months ago #2027

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Here's my worksheet for "Dance of the Dead"

The Prisoner in “Dance of the Dead”
1. What are doctors doing to #6?
2. Doctor: “#6 was about to ________________.”
#2: “Don’t you believe it: he’d have ________________ first.”
3. #2: “You can’t ________________ it out of this man. He’s not like the others.”
4. Doctor: “Every man has his ________________ ________________.”
#2: “I don’t want him ________________. He must be ________________ ________________.”
…#2: “It may seem a long process to your practical mind, but this man has a ________________ with ________________.”
5. What is on the “special delivery”piece of paper?
6. #2: “You do what you want.”
#6: “As long as it’s what ________________ ________________.”
#2: “As long as it is what the ________________ ________________.”
7. What happened when he tried to go inside the town hall?
8. What does the lamp say?
9. When #6 wakes up on the beach, what does he find? And what electronic device?
10. What is #6’s new costume for carnival? Why?
11. #6: “I won’t be a ________________ in a ________________.”
12. What does #6 do with the dead body?
13. Who’s in the cave?
14. Dutton: “The irony of it is, they don’t ________________ ________________.”
15. What does #2 dress as? WHY???
16. #2: “If you insist on living a ________________, you may be taken for ________________.”
#6 “I like my ________________.”
#2: “Then you are ________________.”
17. Why do all the party-goers seem so depressed?
18. What does the girl, the observer, dress as? WHY???
19. Who’s the termination order for?
20. What does #6 find in the morgue?
21. What does #2 plan on doing with it?
22. Explain the kangaroo court.
23. #6: “Has anyone ever seen these ‘________________’?”
24. What happened to Dutton?
25. Verdict? Punishment?
26. #6 ends up in a nice sitting room. He rips apart the ticker tape machine—at the end it starts going again. Based on this and what #2 says at the end, what’s it all about?
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"Free For All" worksheet 5 years 3 months ago #2028

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And the worksheet for "Free For All"

The Prisoner in “Free For All”
1. The introduction—fill in Number Six’s words:
a. ___________________________________
b. In the Village.
c. ___________________________________
d. Information.
e. ___________________________________
f. That would be telling.
g. We want information.
h. Information.
i. Information.
j. ___________________________________
k. By hook or by crook, we will.
l. ___________________________________
m. The new Number Two.
n. ___________________________________
o. You are Number Six.
p. ___________________________________!
q. (laughter)
2. Number Two comes over for breakfast and explains what?
3. “Everyone votes for a ____________.”
4. How does the crowd respond when Number Six says, “I am not a number, I am a person.”
5. “Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment and will die here like rotten ________________.”
6. Who is Number One Hundred Thirteen and Number One Hundred Thirteen B? What does this incident have to say about the media?
7. What happens at the Town Hall?
8. “Why don’t you put us all into __________________ ____________________ until you get what you’re after?”
9. Who is Number Two talking to on the phone?
10. What happens below the Town Hall?
11. How are his “campaign” speeches different from before?
12. What happens after the escape attempt?
13. Where does the foreign-speaking lady take Number Six? Who’s already there?
14. What happens there?
15. Who wins the election?
16. How does the crowd react now?
17. What happens in the Green Dome?
18. What are those four guys in glasses sitting around, worshipping?
19. What kind of pose do they hold Number Six in?
20. What is the gist of what the lady says at the end?
21. Not from show--What if “they” make you completely disillusioned in the democratic system?
Last question—Did you note the voice in introduction is just a voice, not that of Number Two? Why?
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