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TOPIC: 'Fall Out' - Alternative endings

Re:'Fall Out' - Alternative endings 8 years 3 months ago #983

Hi Tom Thanks for the "Colony Three" Clip. I was aware of it and as you mentioned it Hotel Portmeieion had actually been used in a Danger Man Episodes 'View From The Villa' and 'Under The Lake'. See www.virtualportmeirion.com/media.htm for more.
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Re: the so called "seven" essential episodes 8 years 3 months ago #986

Patrick McGoohan has denied in interview that the seven episodes cited are in fact 'the original seven'. He has confirmed that there are seven episodes that he considers to be essential, but that the White/Ali book and the Video Companion based upon it are false in claiming those seven to be "the" seven. Which episodes were PM talking about...the world will never know.
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Re: the so called "seven" essential episodes 8 years 3 months ago #988

One of the many interviews I saw including the TVO interviews done in Canada was the CBS interview quoted from Wikipedia. "In a 1977 interview McGoohan said: "I thought the concept of the thing would sustain for only seven, but then Lew Grade wanted to make his sale to CBS, I believe, and he said he couldn't make a deal unless he had more, and he wanted 26, and I couldn't conceive of 26 stories, because it would be spreading it very thin, but we did manage, over a weekend, with my writers, to cook up ten more outlines, and eventually we did 17, but it should be seven…"
I never saw any interview where he denied the Seven in the book The Prisoner Companion by White and Ali. If you could quote the source it would be helpful.
We do no for a fact that Patrick McGoohan was involved in vertaully every episode bothe in fron of and behind the scenes. It was his baby all the way.
He wrote and directed 'Free For All, Once Upon a Time and Fall Out.' Directed 'Change of Mind and Many Happy Returns.'(as Joseph Serf).
More important than which was or wasn't the 'Original Seven' is that Number Six 'developes as a more likable hero. He begins to 'fit in' in spite of himself. His need to be part of a community, to 'belong' begins to supercede his need to escape.
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Re:'Fall Out' - Alternative endings 8 years 3 months ago #1014

Hello tiberiuscan

The following is a quote from a blog by fellow poster by the moniker "Moor Larkin":

It was the arrival of mass personal video that opened up a whole new chapter for The Prisoner as the first editions of VHS releases began. To tie in with these releases it was natural that books might be published. Warner and the USA were naturally the first to spot the business opportunity. The first Official Prisoner Companion book was published in 1988. It formed much of the basis for the release of The Prisoner: Video Companion in 1990. At the same time, in France another book was released Le Prisonnier, Chef-d'œuvre Télévisionnaire. Curiously, for the English-speaking world, Patrick McGoohan personally met and co-operated with the French authors, but disclaimed the English-language American books in 1991. His scathing comments about the Video Companion form the Header for my entire Blog.

"We were talking about the seven episodes which form the true basis of The Prisoner. Well, they picked their seven, but they're not my seven. They claim they're mine, but they're not. Everything they claimed that I said, apart from two things, is inaccurate."

The source of Moor Larkin's McG quote is from a magazine called The Box from 1991.

Here is a link to the website where you can read more:



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Re:'Fall Out' - Alternative endings 8 years 3 months ago #1021

Hi Tom Thanks for the link. I for one never believed the whole 'Living In Harmony' debate because I saw it broadcast in 1968 by the Local CBS affilate in Detroit Michigan. Though I claimed The Official Prisoner Companion by White and Ali as a source I never claimed it was authoritative. I found it entertaing but not something I would consider a bible. It would have been far more interesting to here from the people that actually wrote, directed or produced the original series, not a second hand interview from New Video Magazine. I also pointed out The Prisoner (2003) book by Robert Fairclaogh. In fact, other than a few facts it seemed it was written by High School Seniors rather than professional Journalists. (I have a degree in Journalism going back to 1972). A lot of the theories they postulated regarding various episodes are at times even quaint. When TV Ontario here in Canada actually ran the first serious look into the show I watched and recorded them uncut, long before the series ever made it to Video. As to the Prisoner Video Companion as a TV buff from way back I was more interested in the behind the scenes stuff anyway.
The years pass and memories fade. I look at things I wrote for newspaper and television back in the 70's and find it hard to believe I even wrote them. (They were so good :)).
I think the same could be said for Mr. Markstein and Mr. McGoohan. But not having spoken to either man, I could not say. As a side note I once met Frank Gorshin (the Riddler, from the 1966 Batman TV series, and Bele from the Star Trek original series episode 'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.' This man had a phenominal memory and could even tell you the writer of scripts he performed going back to the early 1960s. (I met him at a Convention in Toronto in the late 90's).
Granted The Prisoner was Patrick McGoohan's baby from start to finish and from some reports was pushing himself to the edge of a nervous breakdown by the time 'Fall Out' was finished.
Even now there is the debate that the series was cancelled too soon. Since McGoohan had only planned on Seven episodes (regardless of which ones they were) the debate is moot.
The fact that we are still debating it's meaning over 40 years later must have pleased him no end.
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Re:'Fall Out' - Alternative endings 8 years 3 months ago #1024

Hello tiberiuscan

IMHO there used to be a debate, but then I came across news items such as these ....

The Washington Post August 4, 1967

'Secret Agent' Star Quitting TV Cold

Mcgoohan has turned down CBS request that he film 36 segments of his new series "The Prisoner". "I have completed 13 and will do four more- and then no more." (Patrick McGoohan)

Time Magazine
The Private I
Friday, Jun. 21, 1968

Like many another television success, McGoohan believes that TV "can gobble you up and eventually destroy you." For that reason, he made only 17 episodes of The Prisoner, and now plans to quit TV except for some documentary productions. Currently, he is with his wife and three daughters in Switzerland, writing. Where in Switzerland, nobody at the moment seems to know. Unlike the luckless prisoner, McGoohan has succeeded in preserving his privacy.

It is clear that McG controlled his creation of The Prisoner from day 1 and decided early on to not proceed any further than the 17 episodes he agreed to produce for Lew Grade's sale to CBS (the sale to CBS was made in 1966) .... just as McG states in the Troyer interview.

For further documentation (and a scan of the actual press item from the Washington Post) click on the link below:



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