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TOPIC: 'Fall Out' - Alternative endings

Re: 'Fall Out' - Alternative endings 5 years 7 months ago #1969

This is something I've often thought about as well, the ending was interesting but like many I too was disappointed that we didn't actually get a "Number 1" apart from the rather iffy conclusion that Number 6 was himself Number 1, it was certainly an exciting albeit confusing ending, a great twist too but rather inconsistent with a lot of what happened earlier in the show, like for example, Number 2 was talking on the phone to what could only have been the boss because as we understand Number 2 was second only to one so he....or she didn't have to grovel to anyone else and yet we saw a Number 2 talking to and grovelling to the boss on the phone in the clear presence of Number 6 :huh: :unsure: , so it really didn't add up did it?? :unsure:.

Anyway, my alternative endings....actually I have two that I would like to share, one would have been to have had the little butler whom everyone pushed around to turn out to be Number One :laugh: , nobody would have suspected, after all, what better disguise for someone at the top of an organisation than to pretend to be just a mere humble servant of it??, you know....'Undercover Boss' :laugh:, the second would fit in with the way it ended anyway but with a slight change, what I would have done was to make Number 1 turn out to be Number 6's evil twin brother, so they are the same in every way and would explain why they look alike, the bit that could be amended is when Number 6 pulls off the ape mask to reveal the face of Number 1, he could just shout something like...'my god....you....you're my twin brother....the one I was told about....you're the one behind all of this??'.

Of course the only thing that might not fit with that is 'Schizoid Man', why have someone else made to look like Number 6 when his evil twin could have done the job??, I think it might have made more sense than the way it actually ended though and who knows??, in a way, perhaps it might have been what the late great Patrick McGoohan meant, that's the problem, we don't precisely know what he was driving at he never did really specify what it was about other than that he reassured everyone that the conclusion was there, it's deep, he did mention about it being about the "darker side of ourselves" etc, again, this could mean a lot of different things, so who really knows??, it is a mystery and up for debate even to this day some 44 years later people still argue over it, interesting to entertain the notion of alternative endings mind :).
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Re: 'Fall Out' - Alternative endings 5 years 6 months ago #1971

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Hi Braindrain,

isn't the original ending a version of your second idea but without any explanation? This way the evil twin you are talking about may be seen as a part of ourselves. You mention the phone calls, in a way you might be right. But in Fall Out there are two McGoohans facing each other, so this isn't all too contradictory.

I like this phone call Number Two has with the highest authorities at the beginning of Once Upon a Time while there are back projections of Number Six. Number Six seems two answer Number Two..

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