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The Prisoner (1967)

This section is a complete guide to the original cult classic 1960's TV drama - The Prisoner.

Click on the items below to find out more about the world of Number Six and The Village.

'Unique But Similar' is a new book, written by Andrew K. Shenton, that is devoted to comparing the cult classic TV series The Prisoner to other television programmes.

By concentrating on the period of TV history up to 1987, the year of The Prisoner’s 20th anniversary, Unique But Similar examines programmes that were made in an era before the series gained the kind of critical acclaim that it enjoys today and before it exerted the degree of influence that has been more characteristic of television in the last 25 years.

With chapters devoted to analysis of The Prisoner on the one hand and shows like Mission: Impossible, Blake’s 7, Children of the Stones, UFO and the original version of Doctor Who on the other, Unique But Similar will appeal not only to fans of The Prisoner and lovers of cult television, but also film and media students, and film historians. 


Following its inaugural year Festival No.6 has been awarded both Best New Festival and Best Headline Performance from New Order at this years UK Festival Awards.

Festival No.6 Wins Best New Festival And Best Headline Act At UK Festival Awards

Set in the stunning location of Portmeirion in Wales, the event saw headline performances from New Order, Primal Scream and Spiritualized. The festival also merged a diverse range of entertainment from poetry recitals, literary talks and comedy stages to midnight masquerades, torch parades and secret parties in the secluded woodlands.

It's been an outstanding year for Festival No.6 founder Gareth Cooper who not only took away these prestigious accolades but also scooped the gong for Best Promoter. Gareth said: "It just goes to show that in these tough times, with a great team behind you and amazing locations like Portmeirion, you can still achieve brilliant results."

Festival No.6 organiser Bradley Thompson added: "We are incredibly proud to have won both of these awards that we were nominated for at the UK Festival Awards and would like to thank those who voted for us and everyone that attended. Together we created something very special and these awards are for you!"


There have been many parodies/homages/pastiches of The Prisoner but this is one of our favourites.

It is part of the multi-award winning web series, "The Adventures of Superseven". There may be more girls than Patrick would have approved of but they do a great job of capturing many aspects of The Prisoner.

Look out for the best line of the piece, "I will not be pushed, shoved, nudged, prodded, moved, re-moved or lettered."

Find out more at

Prisoner inspired band, 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling', has released their very first music video for the song 'Episode 1 - Arrival'.

It is a shot-for-shot recreation of the opening sequence of The Prisoner. The project took 11 days of shooting and nearly 2 years of planning to create. It was shot all over Boston and New England with an eye to replicate the London/Wales/1960s landscape of the original.

Lead singer/drummer Sophia Cacciola took on the enormous role of Number 6 - see the classic Lotus 7 replica racing around downtown Boston as the story of the unnamed protagonist unfolds as she angrily resigns from her intelligence position only to find that she can’t get away quickly enough to avoid being gassed and chased by a giant white ball.


Not A Number

A new Patrick McGoohan biography is coming out in 2011, find out more about the book and the author.

When Patrick McGoohan first hit UK screens starring as Danger Man in 1960 and as 'No 6' in cult show The Prisoner. Audiences were struck by his charisma, industry insiders hailed the arrival of an enigmatic genius and Hollywood beckoned. But who was this man who had worked as a chicken farmer and bank clerk before becoming a hugely successful actor?

In this new biography, Rupert Booth reveals the true character of a man whose off-screen behaviour was as compelling as his fiery on-screen persona. Why was he so puritanical? Refusing to even kiss a woman for any part he played? Why was he so controlling over his work in The Prisoner and other productions?

It is a timely exploration of the man whose declaration 'I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed or numbered' continues to resonate with audiences decades after it was first uttered with such conviction.

The new book is 288 pages and available to pre-order. 

Buy online: Not A Number: Patrick McGoohan: a Life


FilmThe Prisoner screening planned for the Prince Charles Cinema in central London on Saturday 26th September 2009 has been cancelled. 

The organisers have quoted logistical problems. 

The all-night screening was organised to celebrate the release of The Prisoner on blu-ray disc. The release of the blu-eay edition is uneffected by the cancellation.

Become a part of world history! To mark the Blu-Ray release of "The Prisoner", the first 125 people who pre-order the Blu-Ray edition from the Network website will receive a pair of tickets to “The Prisoner All Nighter”.

The Prisoner on Blu Ray

This worlds first is an all night extravaganza taking place at the Prince Charles Cinema in Central London on Saturday 26th September 2009 starting at 8.30pm, where every episode of The Prisoner will be screened in High Definition for the first time anywhere in the world. Will you still feel like a free man after being subjected to 17 TV hours in the village plus special guests who appeared in the show? 

  • To obtain tickets you simply need to purchase a copy of The Prisoner the Complete Series (RRP £59.99) from

Tickets to this event for the pre-order DVD will be issued on a first come first serve basis. 

As well as these special tickets each attendee will also receive a 1967 reproduction ITC brochure exclusive to this event.

The Prisoner All Nighter will be opened by Prisoner Loudspeaker Announcer Fenella Fielding and closed by an additional special guest. Attendees will also be entered into a prize draw to win some unique Prisoner merchandise. 

The Prisoner complete original series is finally to be released on Blu Ray. Available to buy initially in the UK as a 6-disc limited edition box set on 28th September 2009, RRP £59.99, this will be the first Blu ray version of the series anywhere in the world. 

Blu RayThe only home entertainment edition of the series to be officially endorsed by McGoohan himself and based on the version of the standard definition DVD which won Best TV DVD at the Home Entertainment Awards in 2008, THE PRISONER THE COMPLETE SERIES BLU-RAY is thought-provoking, revelatory and just plain cool. 

McGoohan's iconic series is as fresh and dynamic now as it was when first unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in 1967. Containing all seventeen episodes the wealth of special features 

With its distinctive theme tune by Ron Grainer, special guest appearances from the cream of British stage and screen including Leo McKern, George Baker, Peter Bowles, Donald Sinden, and Anton Rodgers, THE PRISONER THE COMPLETE SERIES BLU-RAY is THE definitive release of the series and a must-have for all fans of high quality dramas.  

Buy at a special price of £42.98 The Prisoner - Complete Series [Blu-ray] [1967]


Christohper NolanChristopher Nolan has given up all plans of directing a film based on The Prisoner.

Nolan was to direct a big budget blockbuster version of the 1968 show. He had been developing an update of the Patrick McGoohan show for Universal, but chose to make science fiction thriller Inception at Warner Bros instead.

Speaking at the Australian premiere of Funny People, producer Barry Mendel said plans are still afoot to revive The Prisoner as a feature film, "Chris Nolan has dropped out of it but we have a first draft by David and Janet Peoples who wrote Twelve Monkeys and David wrote Unforgiven and it's a good draft and we're working on the script right now," he said.

Mendel also commented that his movie version will be different from the forthcoming ITV/AMC TV remake of The Prisoner, which stars James Caviezel and Ian McKellen.

"If the series was wildly popular that might effect us but the screenplay that David and Janet wrote was such a re-imagination of the series, if you think of The Avengers that wasn't a commercially successful film but it was very much in the spirit of the original show," he explained.

"This looks and feels so different that the tenants of the show are apparent but the execution of it is so different that I think it is unrecognisable, whereas the TV show is a well done, modernly shot updated version of the original show, but much more faithful to the original show."

Since Patrick McGoohan's passing in January 2009, we have been asking our site visitors "What will you remember Patrick McGoohan for (excluding The Prisoner)?".

The survey is now closed and the votes have been counted. Over 1500 people voted, making this one of the most extensive surveys we have undertaken. Just under half voted for Danger Man (aka Secret Agent in America), a fifth for Ice Station Zebra. However, Patrick's only ever reprisal of his role as Number 6 in The Simpsons drew just 3.6% of the vote.

How The Fans Remember Patrick McGoohan


A Prisoner ObsessedPatrick McGoohan's obsessive nature made The Prisoner the all-time classic it has become.

In an interesting piece by Paolo Hewitt on, Patricks obsession, determination and strong will is investigated with some brilliant behind-the-scenes information including why he did Ice Station Zebra.

Read more here

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