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Upon The Prisoner's arrival, he leaves his cottage and sets out to explore the village. First climbing the Bell Tower, then at the cafe he has several questions for the waitress. 'Where is this?' 'Where's the police station?' 'Where can I make a call?'

ArrivalAt the telephone kiosk, the prisoner asks the operator 'what exchange is this? I want to make a call to'.' The operator asks him his Number, to which the prisoner tells her that he doesn't have a Number. 'No Number no call' returns the operator.

The prisoner takes a taxi ride, asking the driver to take him to the nearest town. But the Oriental taxi driver informs him that they are only the local service. 'Take me as far as you can' asks the prisoner. After a tour of the village, the prisoner asks for a map of the area at The General Store. 'Colour or Black and White?' asks the shopkeeper. However both 'Maps of Your Village' show only the village, the sea, the woods and the mountains. There's no call for a larger area!

The Green Dome is the seat of power and is the residence of Number 2, and it is not long before the prisoner is invited to breakfast by Number 2. Breakfast quickly turns into an interrogation. The prisoner wants to know who brought him here? And what gives them the right to poke their nose in his private business? Number 2 has a question for the prisoner, 'They' want to know why he resigned? Everything about him is in his file, except for one detail, his time of birth, 'now lets bring it all up to date'. '4:31am 19ath March 1928' returns the prisoner.

There follows an aerial tour of the village, by helicopter for the prisoner, in the company of Number 2 and the Butler piloting the Alouette. Then a short taxi ride and Number 2 leaves the prisoner to take a short stroll through the village.

Citizens are out and about the village, musicians of the Brass Band make their way to the Bandstand. Two citizens greet the prisoner 'beautiful day' they salute. Suddenly a man begins to run around in no particular direction, Number 2 orders him to 'be still'. But the man persists, until the appearance of the white membranic mass of the village guardian, which attacks the man, knocking him down to the ground and suffocating him.

Number 2 then takes the prisoner to the Labour Exchange, where he is asked to fill in a questionnaire, race, religion, what he is, what he wants to be, any politics? The prisoner refuses to co-operate and storms out.

Returning to his cottage, a sign has been placed by the door '6 Private'. Inside the prisoner finds a maid busy dusting, he tells her to get out and smashes a black radio speaker in anger, but despite this the music stills plays! The maid then returns, telling him that if he gives her some sort of information 'they' will let her go., The prisoner sees through the maid telling her to 'get out' and that her services will not be required tomorrow! An electrician pays a call at '6 Private' where adjustment is needed, a replacement for the smashed speaker. The prisoner feeling like a bit of a walk, sets out on his first escape attempt. Down on the beach two men in a taxi give chase to the prisoner, who manages to over power them and steal the taxi. But as he drives off across the sand, the village guardian appears ahead of him. The prisoner leaps from the taxi and attacks the guardian, but his struggles against it are much in vain. The prisoner's face is covered by its membrane and is left lying unconscious on the sand.

The prisoner wakes up in bed in Hospital. Here he meets with an old colleague, Cobb. After a medical the Doctor pronounces the prisoner as 'absolutely fit', and will be allowed to go home in the morning. Meanwhile, Cobb has jumped from a window. He's dead! Having been issued with a credit card, Identity card, Health and Welfare card and card of employment, the prisoner is given a free ride home, he then pays a call on Number 2. Here Number 2 refers to the prisoner as Number 6. The prisoner tells Number 2 'I am not a Number I am a person!


At Cobb's funeral Number 6 meets Number 9, and so embarks on a second escape plan, aided by Number 9, who is in procession of an 'Electro Pass'. This is a device which synchronises with the alarm system, allowing Number 6 to get aboard the helicopter and take to the sky. Once in the air Number 6 is allowed to fly only so far away from the village, before the helicopter is taken over by remote control from the control room and flown back to the village. In the control room, Number 2 bids Au Revoir to Cobb, whose death was for the benefit of Number's 9 & 6. The helicopter lands returning its passenger to the village, who is then herded away by the guardian.

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