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The car used in The Prisoner was a Lotus Seven series II, which was available as a kit or assembled (hence why the Prisoner claimed he built it in Many Happy Returns).

KAR 120CThe original KAR 120C Lotus (a demo model series II) was used and eventually sold to an Australian.

When "Fall Out" was filmed, a quick mock up from a series III was used. Lotus, desiring to terminate production of the car after their failed attempt at marketing a series IV, sold all existing kits, molds, manufacturing rights, and the name "Super Seven" to Caterham Cars, their biggest dealer at the time. Caterham went back to the series III shape, and have been developing and manufacturing the Super Seven ever since.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a Super Seven, it is important that you find a reputable source. There are at least two such sources in the U.S. which will provide you with an assembled vehicle that you can register in most states as a composite or kit car.

Pontiac Sports Cars
467 Auburn Avenue Pontiac,
MI 48342-3213
(810) 335-1511
Sevens and Elans Mr. Chris Tchornicki
248 Hampshire Street Cambridge,
MA 02139
(617) 497-7777
Caterham itself can provide you with additional information. The address of their sales office is:
Check out their website:

Seven House
Town End
Caterham Hill
UK 01883 346666

The cost is around £17,000. There are three basic models and numerous options. Delivery is about 6 months. The car looks very much the same as it does in the show, but the top of the range now has a 2 litre 185 BHP Vauxhall engine, 5 speed gearbox and De-dion suspension.

The car is extremely fast (0-60 in 4 seconds), and can be painted any colour you like. An interesting side note is that the car DID have a problem history of overheating in traffic, just like the Prisoner mentions in "Many Happy Returns".

While the Caterham Seven is clearly the most accurate replica of the original Lotus 7, a number of UK Kit Car manufacturers produce very close facsimiles.

Some of the replicas are: Westfield SE/SEi/SEiW Dax Rush Robin Hood S6/S7 Tiger 6 Vindicator Sprint (including engine and transmission) are available from �4999.99 (for a basic 1600cc SE) and complete cars, factory-built, start at around � 13,000. (Factory built models are the ZEi and the ZEiW.)

It is also possible to buy the car at various build stages. It too, suffers from overheating in traffic. Build quality is usually good, especially on factory built cars.

Information and sales :
Westfield Sports Cars Ltd.
Unit 1 Gibbons Industrial Park Dudley Road
Kingswinford West Midlands
UK Phone: (+44) 01384 400077

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