Episode Summary

The Village Matchmaking Service targets Six, pairing him with a woman, 4-15. Six recalls 4-15 from a brief encounter his New York alter ego, Michael, had with her shortly before he was taken to the Village. 4-15, however, pretends that she does not remember Six. 4-15 and Six become lovers, and ultimately plan to marry, until 313 intervenes. 4-15 reveals to Six that she is indeed Lucy, the woman Michael knew in New York; Two has brought her to the Village to "break his heart," and break Six in the process.

4-15 apparently dies by jumping into a bottomless hole that has appeared in the Village; in a concurrent, ostensible flashback to New York, Lucy apparently is killed by an explosion in Michael's apartment. 

US Air Date (AMC): Monday 16 November 2009
UK Air Date (ITV): Unconfirmed
France Air Date (Canal+): Unconfirmed


313: Does he not love her enough, now?
Two: Oh, no. He's hardly begun. What he feels only scrapes at the skin of love. Let him go where love is terrible.
313: Is it possible to love someone too much? Does he have to come in here very night?
Two: Love is a torment or it is not love. It'll crack him right open. And then, we can see the Six inside. The inside Six. 

Two: We always save our best lies for ourselves. 

313: Please, why am I here?
Two: If I touch your hair, you can refuse. We can all refuse. We have choices, so long as we can live with the consequences. Oh, damned consequences, huh? 


Episode 13 of the original show was called Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling.

Cast Information

  • James Caviezel will star in the role of Number 6
  • Ian McKellen takes on the role of Number 2
  • Ruth Wilson as #313
  • Lennie James as #147 
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as #11-12, number 2's estranged son
  • Hayley Atwell is also cast as #4-15

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