Episode Summary

Two has embodied Six's animal desires in an identical double named 'Two Times Six'. Six must find a way to reconcile himself with his desires, or risk being manipulated by Two through them. Meanwhile, 11-12 confronts his mother, 313 sees more visions of her past, and Two relaxes for a day as 'UnTwo.'

In New York, Michael returns to Summakor to find answers. 11-12's mother reveals that when she awakes, bottomless holes (or voids) appear in the Village. 

US Air Date (AMC): Tuesday 17 November 2009
UK Air Date (ITV): Unconfirmed
France Air Date (Canal+): Unconfirmed


Episode 5 of the original show was called The Schizoid Man.


Lucy: They're selling tickets to your execution, Michael. But they're calling it a promotion.

Two: Do you think I don't doubt? My conscience whispers to me night and day. And sometimes, I listen... but most of the time, I keep my faith in the Village.
11-12: Where is the Village?
Two: Inside. The mind is capable of anything, because everything is in it. All the past, as well as all the future. 

Two: Smoking is a kind of... suicide.
Shopkeeper: That's a bit philosophical for a Thursday.

Cast Information

  • James Caviezel will star in the role of Number 6
  • Ian McKellen takes on the role of Number 2
  • Ruth Wilson as #313
  • Lennie James as #147 
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as #11-12, number 2's estranged son
  • Hayley Atwell is also cast as #4-15

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