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As Six tries to find allies to escape from the Village. Two introduces Six to his brother's family in the Village in an attempt to convince him of his belonging. Six is confused; he had a brother in the real world before the Village, but the brother died in childhood in a drowning accident. As Six begins to doubt himself, his brother admits to the facade and the pair make a failed attempt at escape from The Village. Though his brother dies in the attempt (by drowning, following an encounter with Rover), Six renews his faith in himself. 

US Air Date (AMC): Sunday 15 November 2009
UK Air Date (ITV): Unconfirmed
France Air Date (Canal+): Unconfirmed


Episode 14 of the original show was called Living in Harmony.


70: Six, wait! There is no requirement that you share your thoughts here with me, us. Simply to have them. 

Two: You think I believe all of this therapy babble, do you? My mother sat me sideways on the potty when I was a toddler, so now I want to sleep with her. Oh, grow up, man. Have you had sex with your mother, 70?
70: No. Never.
Two: Well, don't.
70: Two, if I might ask, if you don't believe in the value of the talking cure.
Two: It's not necessary for me to believe. It is necessary for Six to believe. 

Six: You know, I watch people like us, doing things like this, and I write about them in my reports.
Lucy: So, if you were watching us now, what would you see?
Six: Two people, a man and a woman in a room, for one night, 'cause that's all they're capable of anymore.
Lucy: Please, tell me that is not true.
Six: It's only a report.
Lucy: It's what you believe.
Six: It's what I see. 

Six: You sit there, you look at me, and you tell me why you're here.
Lucy: You think you resigned--maybe you did. But it's not over. They still control you. 

Six: What is it they want from me? They must have told you something.
16: My head is so confused with confusion. I... I don't even know if what I just told you is true or not. 

Cast Information

  • James Caviezel as Number 6
  • Ian McKellen as Number 2
  • Ruth Wilson as #313
  • Lennie James as #147 
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as #11-12, number 2's estranged son
  • Hayley Atwell as #4-15

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