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It was 40 years in the making, in this section we have archive news about the various attempts to remake The Prisoner - both on TV and cinema.

# Article Title Date
1 Cult classic '60s series sheds shackles of time Sunday, 07 October 2007
2 No escape for Sky: The curse of The Prisoner Monday, 24 September 2007
3 The Prisoner remake - CANCELLED Saturday, 25 August 2007
4 Bad news is good news for AMC (remaking the Prisoner) Tuesday, 22 May 2007
5 First peek at the return of The Prisoner Tuesday, 02 January 2007
6 Michael Grade's take on cult TV and ITC Friday, 24 November 2006
7 Eccleston busy elsewhere... Sunday, 19 November 2006
8 "Number Six" not "The Prisoner" Thursday, 08 June 2006
9 Sky aims for 'trailblazing' shows Thursday, 04 May 2006
10 Prisoner remake snubs Portmeirion Thursday, 04 May 2006
11 Chris Eccleston linked to remake of The Prisoner Wednesday, 03 May 2006
12 The Prisoner 'set for TV return' Wednesday, 16 November 2005

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